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Tor Coatings Torsan A Chlorinated Rubber Finish CR501 5L

Tor Coatings Torsan A Chlorinated Rubber Finish CR501 5L

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Tor Torsan “A” Chlorinated Rubber Finish, a quick-drying chemical resistant finish for use where high humidity rules out conventional paints, such as in swimming pools, breweries, factories, abattoirs, etc.

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  • Chemical-resistant, chlorinated rubber finish.
  • Quick-drying - touch dry in 1 hour, hard dry in 3 hours.
  • Ideal for use in high humidity areas, such as:
    • - Swimming pools
    • - Factories
    • - Abattoirs
    • - Breweries
  • Good coverage up to 12.5 square metres per litre.
  • Only comparatively thin films result from this product; therefore multi coats may be required for adequate protection or “high build” types considered.
  • Use Tor TH25 for thinning when required.
  • Clean equipment with Tor TH19.
  • The dry film remains sensitive to solvents, oil and fats.
  • Volume solids - 45%
  • Typical thickness - 35 microns dft from 80 microns wet
  • Theoretical coverage - 12.5 square metres per litre
  • Practical coverage - 10 square metres per litre
  • VOC content - EU limit value for this product (cat A/i): 500 g/l . This product contains max 500 g/l VOC.

    Drying Time:

    • Substrate Temperature - 20C.
    • Touch Dry - 1 Hour.
    • Hard Dry - 3 Hours
    • Overcoating Interval Minimum -  2-3 Hours.
    • Overcoating Interval Maximum - Unlimited.

      Note: Drying/curing times will be shortened by higher temperatures and lengthened by lower temperatures.

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