STIHL RT 5097 Z Ride-On Mower

STIHL RT 5097 Z Ride-On Mower


High-performance ride-on mower with twin-cylinder engine

The STIHL RT 5097 Z ride-on mower shows that comfort and performance are not just reserved for deluxe models. Enjoy the sprung loaded seat which is adjustable to all heights and master the controls which are close at hand: the forward/reverse drive lever at the steering wheel, the central cutting height adjustment, the blade clutch and the lever for effortless emptying of the grass catcher box. The RT 5097 Z features a very powerful twin-cylinder OHV engine for top-level performance. In addition, the single-pedal operation and direct steering provide a previously unattained level of comfort during driving, manoeuvring and mowing. The Grass Guide System on both sides of the mowing deck catches grass blades at the edge of the deck and guides them towards the cutting blades. The 2 blade system with angled blades provides a neat and clean cutting pattern over a width of 95 cm. The RT 5097 Z comes with a 5 year extended warranty (subject to registration and annual servicing).

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  • Turf tyres: The large turf tyres of the STIHL ride-on mower help to protect the lawn. Thanks to their rounded tyre design, they reduce the formation of driving tracks.
  • Trailer hitch: The integral trailer hitch enables easy mounting of attachments such as the convenient PICK UP 300 tilting trailer, which can also be used as a wheelbarrow.
  • Central cutting height adjustment: The lever to adjust the deck cutting height is located directly next to the driver's seat. It enables individual adjustment of the cutting height in up to eight steps.
  • Grass catcher box with bow handle: The polymer grass catcher box can be emptied effortlessly from the driver’s seat simply using the curved shaped handle. The "dumper" design ensures optimum filling and residual-free emptying of the grass catcher box. Cleaning the catcher box is also easy.
  • Robust frame: The robust frame construction gives the mower a high level of stability and driving comfort. The STIHL ride-on mowers compact design is great for using attachments such as the AGW 098 garden roller or PICK 300 tilting trailer.
  • Spring-loaded and adjustable seat: The most comfortable seat position can be set without the use of tools. This allows individual adjustment of the driver's seat to almost any body size.
  • Low step: The low step on the STIHL ride-on mowers provides ample legroom and allows for comfortable access to the seat.
  • Catching management system: The catching system guides the grass blades across the entire working width of the mowing deck. It helps to guide the grass towards the mowing blades for a more efficient cut.
  • Single pedal drive: With the STIHL single pedal drive, the direction of travel can be conveniently switched between forward and reverse gear using a hand lever for quick manoeuvring. The pressure-sensitive pedal allows for precise control of the speed between top speed and standstill. The separate brake pedal ensures immediate stopping.
  • Electromagnetic blade clutch (EBC): The mowing deck can be easily engaged and disengaged by a switch situated on the control panel.

Additional Features:

  • Mulching function: With the mulch insert, the STIHL ride-on mowers can be converted into mulching mowers. The grass catcher box is simply removed and the mulch insert pushed into the grass catcher chute. This allows the grass to be shredded into fine particles inside the closed housing before they fall back into the turf, returning vital nutrients and moisture to the soil. Through this natural form of fertilising, there is no need to dispose of the grass.

Technical Specification:

  • Lawns m² - up to 6000
  • Cutting width cm - 95
  • Cutting height mm - 30-100
  • Tank capacity l - 9
  • Grass Catcher Box l - 250
  • Engine type - B&S 7.160 Series Intek OHV (2-Cyclinder)
  • Displacement cm³ - 656
  • Nominal output - 8.7 kW / 11.8 PS
  • Working speed rpm - 2.750
  • Machine Length cm - 242
  • Machine Width cm - 101
  • Machine Height cm - 116
  • Weight kg - 236
  • Guaranteed sound power level LWAd [dB(A)] dB(A) - 100
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) - 86
  • Uncertainty factor, sound pressure level KpA dB(A) - 2
  • Vibration value ahw m/s² - 2.2
  • Uncertainty factor K Wheel m/s² - 1.1
  • Vibration value ahw Seat m/s² - 0.98
  • Uncertainty factor K Seat m/s² - 0.49


Barcode: 886661779086

Google ID: 65707