STIHL Pressure Valve 1.0 bar | Sprayers

STIHL Pressure Valve for Sprayers - 1.0 bar


Pressure valve for consistent application rate

STIHL 1 bar Pressure Valve comes in yellow and offers an improve and more consistent application rate. The valve allows for a pressure control, in this case being kept at 1 bar.

SKU: ST-4255 500 7400

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STIHL Pressure Valve 1 bar | Sprayers

STIHL Pressure Valve offers constant 1 bar pressure, improving constant application rate and making your work far more effective in the process. The yellow valve fits SG 31, SG 51 and SG 71.

SKU: ST-4255 500 7400

Barcode: 886661159499

MPN: 4255 500 7400

Google ID: 29366