STIHL Square Mowing Line Black 3.3mm x 228m

STIHL Square Mowing Line Black 3.3mm x 228m


Replacement mowing line for a selection of STIHL & Husqvarna Clearing Saws.

STIHL 3.3mm x 228m mowing line comes square and specially designed for use with a small proportion of STIHL and Husqvarna clearing saws, although it is not suitable for use with any STIHL brushcutters or clearing saws at the moment. Find a list of compatible Husqvarna clearing saws and brushcutters below.

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STIHL 228m Square Mowing Line | 3.3mm Thickness

This STIHL replacement mowing line comes square with an increased length of 228m, perfect for operating your clearing saws on a more frequent basis. The spare mowing line comes in a thickness of 3.3mm and is suitable for use with some mid-high performance Husqvarna Clearing Saws.

Compatible with:

STIHL Trimmer models using:

  • TrimCut 51-2
  • AutoCut 36-2
  • AutoCut 46-2
  • AutoCut 56-2
  • DuroCut 40-4

Husqvarna models:

  • 545RXT
  • 545RX
  • 555RXT

SKU: ST-0000 930 2623

Barcode: 795711194956

Google ID: 53355