Sherpa Professional Propane Weed Burner Flame Torch

Sherpa Professional Propane Weed Burner Flame Torch


This high-quality weed burner makes killing weeds simple with a long arm for less bending down & a trolley makes it easy to move around

The piezoelectric ignition makes it easy to light every time. The igniter button is by the handle so it is safe to light without your hands needing to go near the burner. Move between weeds / areas without needing to relight each time. A pilot light means no relighting. While making it safer to use, this also saves gas by only having the maximum flame when you need it. With sturdy steel construction, the trolley can securely hold gas bottles from 6 kg to 20kg. Large tires make it easy to move around on any surface. For use for longer periods of time you may wish to add the optional arm support accessory. This makes it more comfortable for extended use.


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A 60cm extension pole is available as an accessory, allowing even deeper holes to be dug. Auger Bits are also available separately if you need spares.


  • Piezo Ignition –light easily without getting your hands near the burner
  • Lightweight
  • Quality brass fittings
  • Regulator Included (Propane. Inlet POL 105)
  • Variable Trigger
  • Suitable for use with propane or butane
  • Includes trolley – for use with 6 kg – 20 kg gas bottle sizes
  • Ergonomic handle

Technical Specification:

  • Burner Diameter - 50 mm
  • Burner Length - 80 mm
  • Max Temperature 1300o
  • Hose - 5 m with brass fittings
  • Hose Type - 6.3mm 30Bar Propane / Butane
  • Regulator - 2.5Bar Propane / Inlet POL 105
  • Lance Length - 890 mm
  • Handle size - 125 mm
  • Lance Weight - 0.8 kg
  • Ignition Type - Piezo (Button)
  • Trolley – For 6 – 20 kg gas bottles
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • EAN – 0661708468969


Barcode: 661708468969

Google ID: 57733