Sherpa Cordless Deluxe Knapsack Multi Sprayer

Sherpa Cordless Deluxe Knapsack Multi Sprayer


This lightweight, versatile sprayer offers the convenience of a go anywhere rechargeable knapsack cordless sprayer without the need for constant pumping

Simply fill the tank and switch it on. The multi-use cordless sprayer also comes with a unique detachable wheeled trailer with a telescopic pulling handle, ideal if you’re unable to or prefer not to carry the weight of a sprayer on your back. Extremely well balanced and easy to wheel around the garden. Supplied with a strong, padded shoulder harness and an ergonomic tank design, it’s designed to match the contours of the body to make it comfortable to wear. To reduce fatigue from constant spraying, the trigger also features a locking function to make spraying effortless and easy. Use the control knob to adjust the pump pressure as desired and switch between one of the four nozzles provided for different spraying patterns.


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  • Rechargeable: The Sherpa Cordless Sprayer has a built-in rechargeable battery and is supplied with an automatic battery charger. The sprayer has an onboard voltmeter to display how much power is left in the machine and features an audible low battery warning alarm.
  • Inlet Strainer: To help prevent foreign matter entering the tank, a removable strainer is included in the neck to capture any solid materials. This helps keep the sprayer working at it's optimum and prolongs the working life of the pump.
  • Lockable Trigger: To reduce fatigue from holding the trigger over longer periods of time, the trigger can be engaged to hold the trigger open and keep the sprayer operational until deactivated.
  • Pressure Control: Adjust the spraying pressure easily with the variable control knob as desired making it ideal for spraying in different environments.

Technical Specification:

  • Pump: Electric diaphragm pump
  • Battery: 12V 7Ah (SLA Maintenance Free)
  • Dimensions : W 340 x D 300 x H 730mm
  • Sprayer weight: 5.6kg
  • Trailer weight 2.2kg
  • The capacity of Tank: 16L
  • Locking trigger
  • 1-year warranty

Supplied with:

  • Spraying lance (plastic/carbon)an optional brass lance is available
  • Spray Hose
  • Inlet Strainer
  • Harness
  • Wheeled trailer
  • Four spray nozzles

Includes Four Nozzles:

  • Cone spraying nozzle 3.0~4.5 bar
  • Double spraying nozzle 2.5~4.0 bar
  • Fan spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bar
  • Four-hole spraying nozzle 0.20~0.40 bar


Barcode: 0711811998751

Google ID: 57735