Mantis Plough Attachment

Mantis Plough Attachment


The Mantis Plough makes deeper furrows & higher mounds

This attachment helps you create ideal growing conditions for your potatoes, leeks, etc. Potatoes and leeks require regular attention to ensure they grow in a deeply planted environment. This is where the Mantis Plough can really help. Like a plough, set the furrower to the required depth, allow the tiller to move forward and the plough blade creates a wide furrow. This action can also be used to earth up around rows of potato plants.

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  • The plough blade can be adjusted to any of the 5 height settings very easily, by removing a clevis pin, moving the blade and then re-inserting the pin. The depth of the furrows can, therefore, be easily controlled, from shallow rows to deep furrows.

  • The Plough is attached to the Mantis tiller in addition to the standard tiller/cultivator tines, and will plough the earth up to 18 -20 “/ 45-50cm wide. Create a furrow, plant your seed potatoes and use the Mantis plough to create a second furrow alongside the first planted row. The action of creating the second row will earth over the first row. As you move across your vegetable plot, each successive row can be created whilst earthing over the previous row, saving hours of work. This is also achieved with no laborious digging or bending down.

SKU: LW-3333

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