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KitchenCraft Pro Tools Soft Grip Spatula Palette

KitchenCraft Pro Tools Soft Grip Spatula Palette

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KitchenCraft Professional’s nylon palette knife is such a lifesaver in the kitchen.

This essential tool has so many uses in the kitchen, from icing cakes, to spreading fillings, to lifting cookies from a baking tray, to scraping bowls… the list goes on. And like all KitchenCraft Professional tools, it’s a simple, sturdy tool with a few extra features to solve everyday kitchen problems. In this case, it has a nylon head that’s safe for non-stick surfaces, and a soft-grip handle that feels great in the hand.


  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 25-year guarantee
  • Size: 33 cm (13")




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