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Husqvarna UltraVision Visor

Husqvarna UltraVision Visor

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20% light reduction and perfect for use with Husqvarna forest headgear

The Husqvarna UltraVision Visor has been developed to help reduce the amount of light that blocked when wearing a safety visor. Perfect for dim lighting conditions, the Husqvarna UltraVision Visor manages to only cut light by 20% and now has a less sensitive mesh that avoids water sticking to it and permanent deformation. Suitable with Husqvarna Classic, Functional and Technical Forest Helmets and Ear Protection.

Depending on the task at hand, you may need a different level of eye protection than usual and this where Husqvarna detachable visors come in handy. The UltraVision Visor can be attached to Husqvarna safety helmets and supplies a different level of light reduction in comparison to other models, which would be beneficial in more dimly lit environments where vision is already impaired. The standard Husqvarna visor only reduces the light level by 30%, which is already pretty low, but this UltraVision Visor cuts that down to 20% meaning vision is dramatically improved.

The UltraVision Visor is also a newly designed shape that manages to make the visor less sensitive when it comes to water sticking to the mesh and also less likely to deform after constant and pressurised use. The models of Husqvarna Helmets that the UltraVision visor fits are the Technical, Functional and Classic, but also Hearing Protectors.

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