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Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet

Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet

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Adjustable & better visibility protective hard hat & visor

Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet comes with a large set of adjustable and ergonomic features to suit day to day forest work. Among the features are things to improve visibility, safety and adaptability. A 6-point textile harness provides flexibility and comfort thanks to a low level of pressure on the head. Visibility is also improved thanks to the new UltraVision visor which has a low level of light reduction and guards against debris and other objects which can damage the eyes.

Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment:

The Husqvarna Functional Forest Helmet has a great design for forest professionals and DIY workers alike. The hard hat comes with a 6-point textile hardness which can be adjusted in several different ways, allowing appropriate sizing to meet specific needs. The lightweight nature of the helmet means that any added ear protection, be it standard or even FM radio, won't weigh you down. The safety helmet can function well in a variety of different working environments and is even suitable for working in temperatures as low as -40 degrees.

Another adjustable feature is the easy movability of the new UltraVision visor, meaning you can choose to have it up or down depending on the job and visibility factors. It also lowers light reduction thanks to its special mesh improving visibility level significantly. The hearing protection that comes with the Functional Forest Helmet is also adjustable and can be moved sideways and vertically which means, again, better comfort and stability when working over long periods of time. If you require a more technical and professional level of the helmet then the Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet may better suit your needs.

Technical Specification:

Capacity: Replaceable lining - Yes Date marking - Yes Approvals: Approved for low temperature - (-40) Noise Reduction: NRR - 24 SNR – 26 Material: UV stabilized - Yes

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