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Husqvarna Tow Spreader 75

Husqvarna Tow Spreader 75

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Handy spreader with an easily adjustable flow, for larger areas

Enclosed commercial-grade gearbox for smooth rolling and easy maintenance Large pneumatic tyres for easy manoeuvrability. Durable nylon cover included. Can be used for spreading fertilizer and seeds in your garden, as well as ice melt during the winter season. If used with salt, make sure to clean spreader hopper and tubes after use, to prevent corrosion.

Fits to Riders:

  • R 213C
  • R 214TC
  • R 214T
  • RC 318T
  • RC 320T AWD
  • R 316T
  • R 316TXs AWD

Fits to Garden-Tractors:

  • TS 243T
  • TS 138
  • TS 346
  • TS 38
  • TS 142
  • TC 138
  • TC 130
  • TC 38
  • TC 142T

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