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Husqvarna Hearing Protectors for Common Helmets

Husqvarna Hearing Protectors for Common Helmets

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Spare part hearing protectors to be fitted on Husqvanra Classic, Functional & Arborist helmets

Husqvarna hearing protectors are developed for optimal ergonomics and prolonged use. Equipped with unique polyurethane insert which provides maximum space for the ear. All features make these the best choice in respect of comfort and individual preferences. Attenuation value depends on which helmet model the protectors are mounted on.

The Husqvarna Hearing Protectors for Helmets are designed specifically for use with Husqvarna common helmets, these include the Classic, Functional and Arborist Hemlets. The ear protectors are a professional standard and can withstand noise levels of up to 26dB. The nifty Husqvarna ergonomics on these hearing protectors are designed to help comfort during prolonged machinery use and a unique polyurethane insert in both ears makes for added space and support.

Compatible Helmets: Husqvarna Classic, Funtional & Arborist Helmets.

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