Husqvarna Arborist Helmet Technical

Lightweight hard hat approved for professional arborist work at heights


Husqvarna Technical Arborist Helmet has been designed and made in partnership with Petzl, to give the professional arborist all the head safety requirements they might need when working long hours at a height. Features include, lightweight inner foam making the helmet lighter than other Husqvarna safety helmets, a high level of ventilation, double wheel adjustable harness for better helmet balance, chin strap and adjustable neckband.

Note: This helmet has not been approved for general forestry work - only working at a height.

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Husqvarna Personal Protective Equipment:

The Husqvarna Technical Arborist Helmets have been specially created in conjunction with Petzl. The professional arborist helmet is extremely lightweight, ventilated and approved for working at a height. The climbing helmet has a unique harness adjustment with two wheels rather than one, making it possible to centre the head in the helmet for better balance and stability. The Helmet has not been approved for forestry work on the ground and only has accreditation for working at a height.

The Technical Arborist Helmet gets its lightweight nature from an expanded polystyrene foam interior that reduces weight in the helmet. Not only this but the foam contains ventilation holes to improve the level of air that can get in and out of the helmet, making it as ventilated as it is light and excellent for working long hours. The helmet also comes with extra padding on top of that and it can be fitted or removed depending on the users head shape.

Other features of the Technical Arborist Helmet include, a whole mesh visor which can limit light reduction by 20%, in comparison to the 30% light reduction seen on the standard visor. A chin strap and adjustable neckband also provide extra tightening/slackening elements to make sure the helmet is fitted comfortably and securely to your head. Noise reduction in the hearing protectors is up to 24dB.
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Garden Machinery TypeHead Protection
Cutter Width (cm)No
Cutting Time (minutes)No
Maximum Branch Thickness (mm)No
Sound Pressure (db)No
Fuel Tank Volume (Ltr)No
Working Pressure BarNo
Power Output (kW)No
Drive SystemNo
Engine ManufacturerNo
Collector VolumeNo
Run Time (minutes)No
Engine Size (cc)No
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