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Home Made Clear Traditional Glass Carboy 1.9L

Home Made Clear Traditional Glass Carboy 1.9L

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Brewing your own beer, wine or cider at home is really easy with this Home Made Glass Demijohn.

It features a smaller capacity of 1,900 ml (3¼ pints), which makes it ideal for beginners, and convenient to store away in cupboards or under the sink. This glass is perfect for brewing and serving your concoctions. It's made of tough glass and features a traditional cork bung. The cork bung create an airtight seal, which prevents bacteria and oxygen from affecting your wine, beer or cider as it ferments.


  • Includes a cork bung, which creates an airtight seal to stop oxygen and bacteria affecting your wines, beers or ciders as they ferment
  • Convenient size makes it handy to store away under the sink or in a dark cupboard during fermentation
  • Also includes a gift tag, so you can perfectly present and gift your home-brewed wines, ciders and ales to friends and family
  • 12-month guarantee
  • Capacity: 1.9 Litres




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