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Full Circle Power Couple Pan Scraper Duo

Full Circle Power Couple Pan Scraper Duo

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This pair is ergonomically shaped to help cleaning feel less like a chore.

It's meant to be comfortable enough to scrape off gunk and grime for as long as it takes. Eddington's power couple is gentle on hands, stainless steel pots, and non-stick pans while tackling baked-on, caked-on messes like pros with corners that fit into all sorts of edges - from griddles to casserole dishes.

The recycled nylon half of the power couple can also be used to scrape messes off of stoves. Just make sure to test it on a small area before going all in.


  • Size: 3.46 x 2.64 x 0.28 | 8.80cm x 6.70cm x .70cm


MPN: 20FC17138GCS

ID: KW-E20FC17138GCS

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