Cobra TS45 Tow Spreader With Poly Hopper 45 litre

Cobra TS45 Tow Spreader With Poly Hopper 45 litre


Durable tow spreader with anti-corrsion poly hopper & 8-10ft spread pattern

Cobra TS45 Two Spreader comes with a high-quality, corrosion free poly hopper and can manage up to 45 litre of spread. Further features include ergonomic controls with precision rate settings, an 8 to 10ft spread pattern and 13x5" pneumatic tyres.


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Cobra Tow Spreader | TS45 45 litre

Cobra TS45 Tow Spreader comes in great if you're looking for something to make your seeding, weeding or feeding a whole lot easier. Made with a 45 litre capacity, the spreader has a 8 to 10 ft spread pattern and benefits from a corrosion free poly hopper for a longer working life.

Further benefits of the tow spreader include a selection of precision rate settings which can be easily adjusted via the Cobra spreader's ergonomically positioned controls. Finishing touches include 13 x 5" pneumatic tyres for better maneuverability and strength and a steel tube frame for improved durability and a robust structure.

Technical Specification

  • Capacity - 80lb / 45 litre
  • Spread Pattern - 8-10 feet
  • Wheels - 13x5 Pneumatic
  • Control Panel with Precision Rate Settings
  • Drive Type - Tow
  • Steel Tube Frame Construction
  • Heavy Duty / Corrosion Free Poly Hopper
  • Weight - 10kg


Barcode: 5055485036476

Google ID: 30719