Things to consider when buying a robotic lawn mower

Choosing a robot lawn mower isn't quite a simple as you would think, there's a variety of important factors which can dictate the perfect Automower for you.

Husqvarna Automower with LED Headlights

What is your lawn size?

It is important to understand that all models of Husqvarna Automower are suited to different lawn sizes. If you have a simple and flat lawn, on the small side, then the 105 may be better suited to your needs. If you have a large scale lawn area then a 400-series model may be a requirement. 300-series models come in handy for moderately sized lawns and areas of land with minimal sized slopes.

Suitable for Small Lawns

Suitable for Medium Lawns

Suitable for Large Lawns

Have you got steep banks?

Much the same as working out your lawn size and shape, you should understand that steep inclines can not be cut by certain models of mower. 400-series models can handle inclines of up to 45%, 300-series handle 40% inclines and the 105 can handle inclines of 25% - so bare this in mind when choosing. This means that regardless of having a small lawn, if your garden contains steep slopes, you will need a high capacity Automower.

Suitable for 25% Inclines

Suitable for 40% Inclines

Suitable for 45% inclines

Is the shape of your garden complex?

If your garden layout contains odd shaped sections, thin passages and plenty of obstacles, then certain models of mower won't be able to handle the complexity of your lawn. If this is the case then the 105 will be no good for cutting your lawn so look at 300 and 400-series models.

Suitable for Small, Complex Lawns

Suitable for Medium, Complex Lawns

Suitable for Large, Complex Lawns

Is security important to you?

Some Automowers come with pin code locks, alarms and even GPS trackers. With a GPS tracker you can report your mower stolen and it will then be blacklisted for future servicing. On top of this, do you require your mower to cut during the night and if so, will you need headlights to see where your mower is? - if you do then take a look at the 430X as it comes compatible with LED headlights.

Minimal Security Features

Anti-Theft Alarm & PIN Code Lock

Max Security inc. GPS Tracker

Can you manage the settings?

Some models come with an intuitive display and advanced settings - you will need to adjust some of these yourself after installation has finished. These features include timer settings and cutting lengths, so make sure you understand how to set these.

You should also consider this:

Sam Turner & Sons charge £60 Per Hour (from leaving Northallerton) for any additional call-out needed to set-up or alter your Automower installation. Getting the above points right first time, may benefit you more than you think.

Be Safe!

It is advised that you keep your surface clear of small items, debris and toys. Children and dogs should also be kept away from the Automower when in operation. If this is unavoidable a cutting disc with retractable blades may be a good idea.