Galebreaker Agriculture

It has now been over 30 years since Galebreaker began work helping agricultural businesses achieve the best possible working conditions to perform in any weather or climate. Galebreaker Weather Protection, Ventilation and also Access Solutions are weather protection solutions that improve living conditions and allow for more healthy livestock.

Established in 1984, the Scudamore family are now recognised aroud the world for their value, quality and realiability. Galebreaker Agriculture epitomises both business and family values, and that's why Sam Turner & Sons are proud to bring their products to you, the customer.


Galebreaker Bayscreen is the market leader for fast fit, long lasting, weather protection. Easy to install, fully adjustable & fits all openings.


Galebreaker Rollerscreen system is a spring-operated windbreak allowing for variable ventilation as well as being great for agri weather protection.


Provides easy access to all types of farm buildings. Perfect for outside or inside, & ideal for protecting feed & grain storage, feed passages & parlours.

Sila Cover

Galebreaker silage covers provide protection for grass and maize silage from birds, rodents and other animals.

They are designed to withstand the stresses of the agricultural environment, and are made using woven polyethylene and have hemmed edges to offer long-lasting protection and minimise spoilage.

Galebreaker Sila Covers are easy to use and install, they eliminate the need for tyres and come with a 10-year guarantee.

More specifically, these Silage Covers are heavy duty (300g/m2) woven polyethylene covers with extra strong hemmed edges. The sheets reduce spoilage due to the systems ability to drive out aerobic fermentation from the silage clamp.


Galebreaker Weather Protection


Comes with clip-on fast-fit panels with a built-in ratchet tensioning system for permanent or temporary weather protection and ventilation.

Ideal for infrequent access, seasonal production, livestock buildings, storage buildings and as weather protection for hay and straw.

Further Features:

• Easily installed and fully adjustable to fit available opening.
• No drilling or bolting required.
• No additional supports necessary.
• Fit one above another to reach any height.


Galebraker Agri Rollerdoor is a strong material door which provides access to the full height of the opening.

Further Features:

System tested to 10,000 operations.
Locking mechanism for stability.
Fully adjustable to fit available opening.
Secure even in high winds.
Operational in poor weather conditions.
Rope pull which slides out of the way for unrestricted access.
Complies with EC door directive EN-13241.
10 year guarantee.


Agridoor (Manual)

Agridoor Manual is suitable for installing on the inside or outside of buildings, operation is from the side of fixing. Ideally suited to grain stores and bulk feed stores.

  • Features include:

    Full height adjustable.
    • High speed chain drive.
    Speed wind bars.
    • 140mm bottom flap included.
    Galvanised steel cowling as standard (UK Only).