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Galebreaker Sila-Cover 300 Silage Cover

Galebreaker Sila-Cover 300 Silage Cover

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Galebreaker’s silage sheets are made from extremely strong 300g/m² woven polyethylene material.

The edges are hemmed and the sheets have bag-fixing loops woven into the fabric ready to easily accept the hooks for Galebreaker’s silage bags. The material is closely woven and very strong (it has approximately twice the breaking strength of knitted HDPE of the same weight). It is also very flexible and moulds well to the silage. Sila-Cover 300 material is tough - The close weave and toughness properties prevent birds and rodents from being able to peck or scratch through the sheet to get to and spoil areas of the protected the silage .

Galebreaker are so confident in the strength and durability of Sila-Cover that we offer a 10-year guarantee, not just a UV guarantee, but a full guarantee.

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Even small holes in the plastic sheet (such as those created by birds) can allow sufficient oxygen into the clamp to spoil significant amounts of silage. It is essential that your plastic sheet is protected from puncture and that the edges are sealed so that air stays out.

If there is air in your clamp fermentation will be hindered. Filling the clamp rapidly, securing it with your plastic sheet, and then covering it with Sila-Cover 300 will ensure that fermentation is fast and efficient as-well-as your clamp being well protected.

Sila-Cover 300 silage protection sheets and gravel bags offer the ideal solution. These secure covers protect the plastic sheet from puncture, help seal the edges of the clamp, stop the wind from lifting the plastic sheet and help compaction.


  • Heavy-duty 300g/m2 silage cover
  • Woven polyethene with hemmed edges
  • Easy handling, saving time
  • Reduces spoilage and improves compaction
  • Protects polythene under-sheet
  • Bag fixing loops as standard
  • Full protection against birds and mammals


MPN: SC1605

ID: 65447

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