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Zeal Mini Handy Tongs

Zeal Mini Handy Tongs

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push-pull mechanism to lockcurved hands for perfect griphead resistant silicone handswill not stratch non stick pans


  • Designed for use with all pans, especially non-stick, as the heat resistant soft-touch silicone tips won’t damage or scratch your pans.
  • The tongs have a high-quality stainless-steel construction with a unique locking mechanism to keep the arms together whilst stored.
  • The gentle spring action opens the tongs for use.
  • The ring makes it easy to hook up if you prefer.
  • Zeal specialises in designing and developing the most useful, premium quality, functional and long-lasting kitchen utensils and tools.
  • Every detail of the product and its use is scrutinised to create products you will want to rely on and use every single day.
  • Food effortlessly glides off during use and cleaning due to our highest quality silicone non-stick material.
  • Heat resistant to 250 C/482 F so does not melt as other tools can.
  • Suitable for barbecues, camping or home use.
  • 1 x 16.5cm Tongs


MPN: J131-L


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