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Zeal Silicone Measuring Spoon Set

Zeal Silicone Measuring Spoon Set

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A set of five nesting measuring spoons, in a beautiful mix of contemporary silicone shades and classic wood.

Each spoon features both imperial and metric references, so you‘re guaranteed to always have the right measure to hand. Perfect for cooking and baking, the spoons are deep enough to hold both liquids and dry ingredients, such as essence, honey, soy sauce, herbs, spices and baking powder. The non-stick silicone means these spoons are easy to clean after use, with no absorption of colours or flavours. Keep them on the stainless steel clasp for easy and convenient storage.


  • Includes 1/8tsp, ¼tsp, ½tsp, 1tsp and 1tbsp (15, 5, 2.5, 1.25, and 0.625ml measurements)
  • Superior grade silicone
  • Easy clean, non-stick material with sturdy nylon-enforced cores for accurate measuring
  • Stainless steel hanging/storage loop
  • Easy clean




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