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Westland Organic Vegetable High Performance Plant Food 1.5kg

Westland Organic Vegetable High Performance Plant Food 1.5kg

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Give your vegetables the start they need with Westland organic Potato & Vegetable Feed.

Westland Organic Potato & Vegetable Feed comes with ready to use granules that can be applied directly from pack and are ideal for:

• Feeding potatoes and all types of root vegetables to encourage strong healthy root growth• General soil improvement to put depleted nutrients back• Stronger healthier leaf growth and abundant crops


  • Easy to apply granules
  • Essential nutrients for healthy, tasty vegetables
  • Strong & healthy roots
  • Produces rich leafy growth
  • NPK 4-2-10

An application of organic Potato & Vegetable Fertiliser ensures your vegetables receive a slow release of nutrients to produce healthy and tasty crops.

What to Expect:

After emergence, the vegetables will begin to take up the nutrients from the fertiliser as the feed slowly releases nutrients into the soil around the roots. The plants will grow strong and healthy and may require an additional feed after 5-6 weeks.

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