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Westland Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed 10m2 + 30% extra free

Westland Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed 10m2 + 30% extra free

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Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed is a blend of quick growing as well as hard wearing seed varieties.

It is ideal for over-seeding worn grass or filling in bare patches. This seed blend is designed for germination at 7°C soil temperature. Therefore it is great if you’re wanting to seed your lawn earlier or later in the year and get fast results.


  • Sow in colder conditions during early and also late seasons
  • Maintains colour all season long
  • Seeds treated to help deter birds

Why Use:

Gro-Sure Fast Acting Lawn Seed is treated to significantly improve germination and for quicker establishment.

  • New and improved seed blends
  • Our range is colour matched
  • Fine grass blades for a beautiful, lush lawn
  • Our lawn seed will grow on any soil type
  • Your lawn will have a high disease tolerance

What to Expect:

In good conditions blades of grass can usually be seen in under 3 weeks, however if the conditions are unfavourable this may take considerably longer.

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Customer Reviews

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Shrnay Destiny Genesis
Wow factor

The grass looks great and a beautiful green colour. I was considering turf before I bought the grass/lawn seed, but thank goodness I didn’t. Happy 😊