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Westland Garden Gravel 4-6mm 20kg

Westland Garden Gravel 4-6mm 20kg

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Westland Garden Gravel has been specially sourced & washed to produce a carefully graded lime-free gravel about 4-6mm in size, perfect for use all around the garden

For creating an attractive garden path or simply adding a decorative finish to a rockery or alpine planting, Westland Garden Gravel is a perfect choice. This pea-sized gravel is equally suited for mulching around plants to help retain moisture and suppress weeds, as well as improving container drainage.


  • Washed and graded 4-6mm gravel
  • For creating permanent paths
  • A decorative finish to rockeries
  • Retains & suppresses weeds
  • Provides container drainage
  • Weight: 20kg

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