Weedol Ultra Tough Weedkiller Spray Gun 1L

Weedol Ultra Tough Weedkiller Spray Gun 1L


The Weedol Ultra Tough Weedkiller is a systemic weedkiller, killing perennial & other tough weeds down to the roots so they won't grow back

It works to clear tough and deep-rooted weeds such as brambles, stinging nettles and docks from large, overgrown spaces. Acts fast, with visible results in just 24 hours.

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Further Information:

WHEN TO APPLY: Use from April to November when weeds are actively growing. Use on a dry, calm day. Re-treat if rain falls within 6 hours of application.

WHERE TO USE: Ideal for ground clearance on untidy overgrown areas. This includes sheds and greenhouses, along fences, gravel areas, and other areas not intended for vegetation such as paths and drives.

CAUTIONS: Contains glyphosate and pyraflufen-ethyl

SKU: SC-24119348-1LT

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