Vitax Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic 4 x 20g

Vitax Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic 4 x 20g


Corrects iron, magnesium & manganese deficiency

Plants with iron deficiency usually result in pale yellow leaves, poor growth and flowering. It is also one of the main reasons why rhododendrons, heathers and other ‘lime hating’ plants cannot grow well in chalky or alkaline soils. Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic supplies the necessary iron together with magnesium and manganese to help correct deficiencies to enable plants to thrive.

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Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic:

  • - Ideal for ‘lime haters’ such as rhododendrons and heathers
  • - Improves colour and vigour of all flowering plants
  • - Corrects yellowing of leaves

Applied evenly to the soil in early spring, one application will last all season. Simply mix a little of the tonic with water, stir well, then add additional water as per instructions before applying.

Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic comes in sachet format to ensure you use the correct amount.

As well as supporting ‘lime hating’ plants, Sequestered Iron Plant Tonic can also be used for roses, hydrangeas, currants, raspberries, strawberries, pot plants and other perennials.

SKU: GC-19051720

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