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Vitax Japanese Maple Acer Feed

Vitax Japanese Maple Acer Feed

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For healthy growth & vibrant foliage in new & established Japanese Maple.

Vitax Acer Feed contains the three major plant foods - nitrogen, phosphate and potash, together with natural magnesium and trace elements to encourage healthy leaf growth and vibrant colours.  

Organic - one feeds lasts a whole season.

Acer Feed:

  • Improves plant health, quality and vitality
  • Produces stunning, vibrant foliage

For best results, apply Acer Feed to the soil during planting and then as a topdressing in spring. Rake, hoe or fork into the top surface of the soil, and in dry weather, water well for maximum benefit.

As with all fertilisers, store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

Always read the label and instructions. Where possible, wear protective gloves and wash hands thoroughly after use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Theresa Bezani
Acer feed

Very happy with this product

Great Price

Found a really good price on this acer feed from Sam Turner & Sons. I've used Vitax acer feed before with good results so was really happy to buy at a bargain price.

Improved Little Trees

Have used this for a couple of years and wouldn't be without it. All of my Japanese maple trees have shown improved growth and vigour in the growing season following use. Combined with liquid seaweed its a combination that appears to work well for them.