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Vitax Compost Maker 10kg

Vitax Compost Maker 10kg

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The Vitax Compost Maker is an economical compost accelerator containing organic nutrients that speed up the breakdown of garden and household materials

  • It can be used to recycle all kinds of organic garden and household waste, including grass cuttings, weeds, leaves, vegetable matter, eggshell, shredded woody materials etc. to create your own rich, dark compost.
  • On compost heaps, Vitax Compost Maker should be layered alternately with the compost materials.
  • Keep the top of the heap warm and moist by covering it with a polythene sheet.
  • In compost bins, Vitax Compost Maker should be mixed with the waste materials as the bin is filled.

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Clare Gregory

Just what I needed