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Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap

Vitax Box Tree Moth Trap

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Help protect Buxus from attack

Protects up to 200m² and will not harm beneficial insects. The trap is bird-friendly coming without glue and contains a 12-week dose of pheromone lure.

Box Tree Moth Trap:

  • Protects up to 200m
  • Will not harm beneficial insects
  • Bird-friendly glue-free trap

Contains reusable trap and 12 weeks of pheromone lure

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Customer Reviews

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Lee Palfreyman
Box moth trap

Only came with 1 pheromone tube. Instructions said there should be 2 change at 6weeks. Emailed to inform didn’t get a reply.


Brought this to trap box tree moths. White with a brown boarder. They lay eggs on any sort of privet hedges and the larvae/caterpillars, which are green with a dark stripe, eat the foliage/leaves of the privet hedges and basically strip them completely down to the roots if left untreated. Your hedges will start to look bare, with a trail of webbing across them. Bug treatment that kills caterpillars works on the box tree caterpillars, but not on the moths. That is when I researched moth traps and discovered this box tree moth trap. It is brilliant. I received it yesterday 16th July 2021, in the afternoon and following the easy instructions, I assembled it and hung it from a hook on my front porch, which is right by the hedges in question. This morning 17th July 2021 not even 24 hours later, the trap has 9 box tree moths inside it already. I was sceptical until this point that it would work, but it clearly does and I highly recommend it if you have this moth problem.