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Vitax Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap

Vitax Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap

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Suitable for organic gardening

The Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap is perfect for tackling both apple and pear fruit moth damage. Maggot damage in apples and pears is mainly caused by caterpillars of the codling moth. Females tend to lay eggs on the leaves and fruit, which hatch after 10-14 days. The caterpillars then bore into the fruit and feed on the fruit in early summer. Each monitoring trap covers between three to five trees, luring the male moths and enabling gardeners to access the trap and treat with a suitable insecticide.

Apple Maggot Monitoring Trap:

  • Contains one pheromone lure
  • Has a strongly corrugated trap with hanger
  • Separate refill pack available containing one lure

Male moths tend to fly and mate on warm nights, so the trap is best used from mid-May to the end of July.

Easy to use, simply unfold the sticky insert and place it in the base of the trap. Place the monitoring lure on the middle of the trap and hang it from a tree.

The trap will monitor moths for five average size trees up to 12 metres apart.

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