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Vitax 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure 8kg

Vitax 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure 8kg

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An organic fertiliser that provides up to eight times the nutrients of farmyard manure while requiring minimal application.

Vitax 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure is Ideal for flowers, lawns, vegetables, pot plants and baskets, this 7kg feed contains trace elements that enrich the soil and promote strong plant growth.

6X Pelleted Poultry Manure:

  • Weed and bug-free
  • No added ingredients
  • Safe for all garden life and encourages the earthworm population
  • Size: 8kg

Feeds the soil rather than the plant, 6X Pelleted Poultry Manure needs to be mixed thoroughly with existing soil for maximum results. Always water plants and crops in once planted as it is the nutrient uptake through the roots which boosts growth.

Unused pellets can be kept from one season to the next and once empty, the container can be recycled.

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