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Vitax 6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser 15kg

Vitax 6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser 15kg

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6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser is the ideal solution for all soil types, flowers, lawns, vegetables, shrubs and trees.

Containing all the nutrients and trace elements that plants need, it is 100% natural and 6X as concentrated as traditional chicken fertiliser. One 15kg sack is equivalent to 6-8 bags of farm manure, making it cost-effective and efficient. Fully composted and weed free, it only requires one application and continues to work through the season.

6X Natural Fibrous Fertiliser:

  • Provides humus, nutrients and trace elements with a neutral pH
  • Boosts garden life and encourages earthworm population
  • Opens up soil to prevent water-logging if the soil is heavy, whilst if the soil is light it will help hold moisture and add bulk to stabilise it

When introducing 6X Natural Fibrous to the soil, make sure it is thoroughly mixed. Always read the instructions for exact use to achieve the best results.

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