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Twitch by Wagg Hamster Gerbil Small Rodent Food 1kg

Twitch by Wagg Hamster Gerbil Small Rodent Food 1kg

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Nutritious, complimentary food suitable for all small rodents & packed full of tasty sunflower seeds & peanuts

It is perfect for small pets with healthy appetites and ideal to complement fruit and greens as part of a varied diet. This food contains a good source of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.


  • Wagg uses colours from a mineral source found in nature and we don't add artificial flavours to any of our foods.
  • Added calcium and phosphorous to help maintain healthy teeth and bones.
  • With quality sources of fibre and yeast extracts to help promote healthy digestion.
  • A combination of vitamins A & E with carefully selected trace elements, help support a healthy immune system.
  • With tasty apple and grape.
  • With added linseed to help promote healthy, supple skin and lustrous coat.

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