Treehog THCKIT4 Professional Rope Kit

Treehog THCKIT4 Professional Rope Kit


Full set of arborist tree climbing gear including harness, rope, flip line, rope grab, cambium saver, throw line & weight, tool strops, friction hitch, karabiners, and more, all neatly stowed in a heavy duty day glo orange kit bag.

This kit offers great value for money, especially important when kitting out a new crew, or if you are just starting out on your own. Price of the kit is significantly less than the total of cost of the separate components.


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Key features of the 3 main items are outlined below.

TH5000 Arborist Harness
  • Complies with EN358 & EN813:2008
  • Fully adjustable 'speed click' waist and belt fastening
  • Replaceable bridge
  • Available in sizes: Small, Med/Large, XLarge/XXLarge (for details please see below) just choose your size in the drop-down menu above.

THCR131 Arborist Climbing Rope
  • 13mm / 1/2" diameter Low Stretch Kernmantle design
  • Polyester Outer Sheath / Nylon Core
  • Terminated with one Stitch Spliced Eye
  • Individually Serial Numbered for traceability

TH1171 Wire Cored Flip Line
  • Conforms to EN358:1999
  • Comes with Swivel triple action carabiner
  • Protective sheath for extra abrasion resistance

Details for TH5000 Waist Size:-
  • Small - Waist size 66 - 76cm (26" - 30")
  • Med/Large - Waist size 76 - 96cm (30" - 38")
  • X Large/XX Large - Waist size over 96cm (38"+)


Barcode: 9600209600202