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Treehog THCKIT3 Standard Seat Climbing Kit

Treehog THCKIT3 Standard Seat Climbing Kit

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This kit is built around the TH7000 fixed seat harness and includes a selection of tree climbing essentials, all packed in one of our popular 70 Litre kit bags.

Includes: TH7000 tree climbers harness, TH1171 3m Wire Core Flip line, TH118 100cm Cambium Saver. TH1111 bungee strop, TH1113 tool strop, TH1153 eye to eye sling 80cm, THPUL1 fixed pulley, TH1195 220G throw bag, TH1198 throw line 50m, x2 THK002 karabiner, x2 THK006 karabiner, THFA01 first aid kit. Plus Free: TH1160 Cut away strop, warning sign, 70 litre kit bag.


  • TH7000 tree climbers harness
  • TH1171 3m Wire Core Flip line
  • TH118 100cm Cambium Saver
  • TH1111 bungee strop
  • TH1113 tool strop
  • TH1153 eye to eye sling 80cm
  • THPUL1 fixed pulley
  • TH1195 220G throw bag
  • TH1198 throw line 50m
  • x2 THK002 karabiner
  • x2 THK006 karabiner
  • THFA01 first aid kit.


  • - TH1160 Cut-away strop
  • - Warning sign
  • - 70-litre kit bag


  • S - Waist size 66 - 76cm (26" - 30")
  • M/L - Waist size 76 - 96cm (30" - 38")
  • XL/2XL - Waist size over 96cm (38"+)


MPN: AB960029

Gender: Unisex


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