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Tractor Ted Farm Pairs Card Game

Tractor Ted Farm Pairs Card Game

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Enjoy this colourful set of 40 playing cards featuring Tractor Ted & his real-life farm friends from a tractor to chick & baler to Midge the dog

There are 20 different pairs to match and collect in this classic game.

Just lay the cards upside down on the table and let the first player pick two cards. If the cards match, then the player keeps them. If they don’t, then the cards need to be returned to the table! The winner is the player with the most pairs.

Alternatively, they’re perfect for quick (and competitive) game of Tractor Ted snap!

Suitable for 2-4 players. Ages: 3yrs+.

All of our Tractor Ted games are ‘Teacher Tested’ and follow our ethos of ‘Ted-ucation’ where children learn whilst having fun! Our Farm Pairs will help:

  • Develop observational skills
  • Encourage memory and matching skills
  • Encourage farm machine and animal recognition
  • Encourage plenty of family fun!



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