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Town & Country MasterGrip Pro Gardening Gloves

Town & Country MasterGrip Pro Gardening Gloves

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The Mastergrip range of gloves provide up to 100% more grip than standard gloves using patented Microfinish technology.

This uses micropores to form mini vacuums with the item being handled, giving the ultimate grip in both wet and dry conditions. The Mastergrip Pro gloves are ideal for professionals demanding the ultimate grip and durability. The latex coating protects against liquid penetration and the breathable back enhances comfort when carrying out demanding tasks.

  • Cotton with latex.
  • Wash in warm water.
  • Colour: Green

Size Guide:

To find your glove size, measure the circumference of your hand in inches (below your 4 fingers, excluding the thumb).

  • 6inch - Extra Small
  • 7inch - Small
  • 8inch - Medium
  • 9inch - Large



Gender: Unisex

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