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The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait Sachets 6x25g

The Big Cheese Rat & Mouse Killer Grain Bait Sachets 6x25g

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Difenacoum has a good level of activity against the brown rat & excellent levels of activity against mice

Designed to bring both rat and mice infestations under control using the multi-feed method, the target species will need to feed several times before reaching a lethal dose. Difenacoum is considered less of a danger to non-target species and is, therefore, a better choice for pet owners*. These chew-thru bait sachets mean bait can be placed in secure stations without the need for handling. Contains 0.0025% w/w difenacoum and 0.001% w/w denatonium benzoate.


Always read the label. Always wear gloves when handling bait. If any rodenticide is ingested or you have any concerns, seek medical advice immediately and follow the first aid instruction on the product label.


  • Multi-feed bait
  • Anti-coagulant
  • Recommended in areas where non-target domestic or farm animals are present*

What's in the Box?

  • 6 x 25g Sachets

*Although Difenacoum is recommended where non-target animals are present, it is still a potent poison to mammal species. Therefore, it is vital that baits are protected from ingestion by non-target species. If you find a non-target animal has ingested the poison, seek medical advice from a vet immediately.



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