Tetra Pond Sticks 40L

Tetra Pond Sticks 40L


Tetra Pond Sticks are the UK's best-selling fish food

They provide a complete staple diet for all pond fish. Containing all the essential nutrients, fibre, minerals, trace elements and vitamins for a diet that is both nutritionally and biologically balanced. The Pond Sticks also soften quickly, yet remain stable in the water, allowing fish to feed easily. The new formula has reduced phosphate content to help reduce algae growth and generally improve water quality. Tetra Sticks have a low waste formula for clearer, healthier water and contain all the nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements for a balanced and healthy diet.

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  • Protein 28%
  • Floating stick food
  • Suitable for all pond fish
  • Softens quickly for easy eating
  • A low waste formula for clean, clear water
  • Doesn't cloud water
  • Size: 40 Litre


Barcode: 4004218241244


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