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Tetra Pond Natural Mix 4L

Tetra Pond Natural Mix 4L

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A 100% natural pond food range containing premium ingredients for the best results in growth & development of all pond fish species

Tetra Pond Natural Mix is a vital blend for enhancing the health and vitality of pond fish. The high-quality blend of ingredients is closer to nature than other pond foods and helps to keep fish energetic all year through. This Natural mix from Tetra also contains natural river shrimps, innovative addition to the formula which enhances fish colouration due to its high content of carotenoids. 


  • • Size: 4 litre
  • • 100% natural ingredients for all pond fish species
  • • Contains premium ingredients for the best results in growth and developments
  • • Enhances health, vitality and energy levels
  • • Contains natural river shrimp to boost natural fish colours
  • • High in carotenoids



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