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Zero-In High-Voltage Insect Killer

Zero-In High-Voltage Insect Killer

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This high voltage insect killer from Zero-In will safely & quickly solve any insect problems you may have

It lures insects in with its LED light and then quickly destroys them. The UV LED light is mains powered and emits a soft glow that will entice insects such as mosquitos, flies and biting insects. It is poison and chemical free, making it perfect for any indoor areas where children and pets play. A hygienic insect killer, you won’t have to get your hands messy during the cleaning process. The base tray is removable and comes complete with a handy brush to clean the main body and base.

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  • This high voltage insect killer attracts light sensitive insects into an electrically charged grid and quickly destroys them.
  • It is poison and chemical free so can safely be used in rooms with children and pets.
  • Hygienically destroys insects by catching them in a tray.
  • The base tray is easily removed and can be cleaned quickly with the included brush.
  • The UV LED lamp gives over 100,000 hours of use.
  • Get the spare UV lamps here



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