STIHL Drill Bit | Wood 46cm x 19mm

STIHL Wood Drill Bit - 46cm x 19mm (for BT 45)


Long length wood drill bit with 19mm diameter

STIHL 19mm x 46cm Wood Drill Bit has been designed especially for use with their BT 45 Powerhead Wood Drill. This specific drill bit is the shortest available and is also available in longer and wider diameter sizing.

SKU: ST-4314 682 5019

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STIHL Wood Drill Bit | 19mm x 460mm

STIHL BT 45 comes ready for a host off different sized STIHL Drill Bits, this one being a 46cm x 19mm sized drill bit. The BT 45 can also fit further drill bits in larger and smaller sizes.

SKU: ST-4314 682 5019

Barcode: 795711179618

MPN: 4314 682 5019

Google ID: 28836