STIHL Set of ULV Nozzles | SR 450 Mistblower

STIHL ULV Nozzle Set for SR 450 Mistblower


Handy metering knobs for applying liquid to mistblower

STIHL SR 450 Mistblower can take metered levels of liquid and this set of nozzles will help you apply extremely specific, small amounts of liquid to the mistblower, ready for spraying or dusting.

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STIHL ULV Nozzle Set | SR 450 Mistblower

STIHL ULV Nozzle Set comes made for use with the SR 450 Mistblower and provides perfect metering for applying small amounts of liquids to the mistblower. The set comes with a ULV dosage piece for spreading smaller amounts of liquid too.

SKU: ST-4244 007 1022

Barcode: 886661552146

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