STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer - Manual

STIHL SG 11 Hand Sprayer


Simple hand sprayer for distributing liquid pesticides

STIHL SG is perfect for spraying pesticides by hand and comes with a hollow cone nozzle for accurate application. Also comes with comfortable controls and a safety valve.

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STIHL Manual Hand Sprayer | SG 11

STIHL SG 11 Manual Hand Sprayer is an easy to use pesticide sprayer, built to offer ergonomic control and an efficient pump for spraying. The SG 11 comes with a transparent container, hollow cone nozzle and a safety valve to allow for pressure relief prior to opening the container.

SKU: ST-4255 019 4910

Barcode: 886661023080

MPN: 4255 019 4910

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