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STIHL RE 90 Electric Pressure Washer

STIHL RE 90 Electric Pressure Washer

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Lightweight, compact pressure washer with hard-wearing aluminium pump head, rotary nozzle, adjustable fan jet nozzle, cleaning agent spray set.

STIHL RE 90 Electric Pressure Washer also has a park position for resting the lance during breaks and space-saving, secure storage of accessories directly on the unit. Quick-release coupling for easy connection of 6 m high-pressure hose to pressure washer and lance.


  • Quick-release coupling on the gun - With the quick-release coupling, the pressure lance can be easily and safely connected to the pressure washer
  • Rotary nozzle - A rotating pencil jet combines the cleaning performance of a pencil jet with the area capacity of a fan jet nozzle. Perfect for tackling stubborn dirt on hard-wearing surfaces.
  • Cable hook - With the help of the cable hook, the cable can be easily wound up and stored compactly and securely on the device.
  • Hose hook - With the help of the hose hook, the hose can be easily wound up and stored compactly and securely on the device.
  • Park position - This allows you to switch off the assembled high-pressure lance when taking breaks, and to store the lance on the tool.
  • Integrated nozzle storage compartment. - The nozzles can be stored safely in the practical storage compartment.
  • Cleaning agent spray set - The spray set delivered with the tool makes it possible to add a cleaning agent to the spray jet in order to tackle stubborn dirt. The spray set is also easy to attach to the spray lance.


  • Operating pressure bar  - 100
  • Maximum pressure bar 1) - 130
  • Min. water throughput l/h - 350
  • Maximum water throughput l/h - 440
  • Max. water supply temperature °C - 40
  • Weight kg 2) - 8
  • Sound power level dB(A) 3) - 90
  • Frequenz (Hz) Hz - 50-60
  • Rated voltage V - 220-230
  • High-pressure hose length m - 12 - 6

1) Maximum pressure system
2) Complete, ready for use
3) K factor according to DIR2006/42/EC = 1.5(dB(A))


MPN: RE020114541

ID: 66954

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