STIHL Pipe Cleaning Set 10m | RE 271

STIHL Pipe Cleaning Set 10m for RE 271


Flexible & brilliant for cleaning tight angled pipes.

STIHL Pipe Cleaning Set has been designed specially for use with the STIHL RE 271 High-Pressure Cleaner. The set can clear drains and other small diameter pipes with a handy length of 10m.

SKU: ST-4925 500 8000

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STIHL Pipe & Drain Cleaning Kit | RE 271

STIHL Pipe & Drain Cleaning Kit comes in 10m length and offer great option for cleaning down pipes and drains. The flexible hose can make it's way down even the most tricky shaped pipes. Comes with a quick release coupling for changing attachments easily.

**this will also fit some nilfisk machines with the spigot fitting **

SKU: ST-4925 500 8000

Barcode: 795711693527

MPN: 4925 500 8000

Google ID: 29274