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STIHL PG 25 Anvil Secateurs 1.5cm

STIHL PG 25 Anvil Secateurs 1.5cm

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Energy-saving pull-to-cut secateurs perfect for thin plastic & hoses

STIHL Anvil Pruner comes made from a strong, non-stick coated blade with a corrosion resistant body. Perfect for cutting hardwood, hoses and thin plastic.

STIHL Secateurs | PG 25 Anvil 1.5cm

STIHL Anvil Secateurs offer a top level of performance for work on things such as hoses, thin plastic, and even hardwood. The secateurs operate via a pull-to-cut function and benefit from a non-stick and replaceable cutting blade. Other features include a corrosion resistant body perfect for long periods of use in rain and other poor weather conditions. The cutters can handle materials with a diameter up to 1.5cm and come in a 19.5cm sizing.

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