STIHL PB 25 UNIVERSAL Anvil Pruning Shears 4cm

STIHL PB 35 UNIVERSAL Anvil Pruning Shears 48mm


Pull-to-cut style pruning shears for dead or hardwood

STIHL Anvil Pruning Shears come with non-stick coated blades for improved cutting performance and work great on hard and dead wood. The shears function in a pull-to-cut style and offer a high level of precision.

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STIHL Anvil Pruning Shears

STIHL Anvil Pruning Shears has been developed to offer pull-to-cut operation on hard or dead wood. The cutting blades have been non-stick coated for improved performance and feature an adjustable and replaceable anvil. The shears also benefit from a comfortable and ergonomic grip handle along with an aluminium construction.

SKU: ST-0000 881 3665

Barcode: 795711329266

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