STIHL Mowing Heads AutoCut 56-2

STIHL Mowing Heads AutoCut 56-2


Double mowing line head for trimming & thinning work

Mowing lines are automatically extended when the mowing head is tapped on the ground. Featuring a low profile for more control and more precise trimming results. Compatible with line diameters of 2.7mm, 3.0mm and 3.3mm.

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STIHL AutoCut Mowing Head 56-2

STIHL AutoCut Mower Head comes suitable for STIHL petrol powered brushcutters including the FS560 C. The cutter head includes a double line for improved performance during hard thinning and mowing tasks. The mower head also has the ability to auto extend its line when tapped against the floor. After tapping on the ground the head will open up and the line will extend through centrifugal force.

Compatible with:

  • FS560 C

SKU: ST-4005 710 2107

Barcode: 886661168231

MPN: 4005 710 2107

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