STIHL Mowing Heads AutoCut (2-line) 46-2, 2.7mm

STIHL Mowing Heads AutoCut 46-2


Spare part mowing head suitable for a STIHL FS 360, 410, 460 & 490

STIHL AutoCut 46-2 2.7mm Mower Head comes with a double line for improved cutting results. The rspare mower head also comes with ability to auto extend once tapped against the floor. Take a look at our description below for a list of models the mower head is compatible with.

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STIHL AutoCut Mowing Head 46-2 2.7mm

STIHL AutoCut Mower Head comes suitable for a host of STIHL petrol powered brushcutters including the FS360 and FS410. The cutter head includes a double line for thinning and mowing tasks, and the ability to auto extend the mowing head when tapped against the floor. After tapping on the floor the mowing head will open up and the line will extend through centrifugal force.

Compatible with:

  • FS160
  • FS180
  • FS220
  • FS260
  • FS280
  • FS290
  • FS300
  • FS310
  • FS350
  • FS360 (2011 onwards)
  • FS380
  • FS400
  • FS410 (2010 onwards)
  • FS450
  • FS460
  • FS480
  • FS490

SKU: ST-4003 710 2115

Barcode: 886661168224

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